40hp, 1974 through 1976, 35hp 1976.

OMC factory timing fixtures.  Note the obvious difference in quality.  They don't even taper the bores in theirs.

My finely crafted timing fixtures

25hp, use the one for the Universal Magnetos.

9.9hp and 15hp, 1974 thru 1976

-------For the OMC "Lo-Tension Magneto"-------

28hp thru 40hp 1962-up

22hp thru 40hp, thru 1961 with small crankshaft (includes Gale 25hp thru 1963)

5hp thru 20hp, plus the 22 cubic inch 25hp

3hp and 4hp

-------For the OMC "Universal Magneto"-------

I make six sizes of the timing fixtures, according to crankshaft taper size.  They are: